Saturday, September 10, 2016

Overhand Accuracy

How often have you heard that overarm strikes are inaccurate?  I can't do this with an underarm strike, and I can do this repeatedly for minutes on end with overhand.  A tennis ball is not all that much bigger that the eye hole of a helmet.  This would ruin your day.

If anyone can do this in underhand, please post it.  This is a 9' dory, held back beyond the point of balance so that it was quite front heavy because I took the sauroter off the shaft for storage- you can see where I held it in the other gifs I posted here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

How to use a dory

I am posting here on my mirror site because I will redo these in panoply and post on youtube, but I need a place to show there for argument.

This is how you hold a dory when advancing:

The reason is that it eliminates any need to switch your grip from underhand to overhand.  You can do it in the press with a man right in front of you:

Or with a larger range of motion if no one is in front of you:

 The overhand strike is NOT angled downwards- you can strike upwards if you wish.  Here I jab at different angles:
 Here I jab and rear back for a powerful strike.  Note the sauroter would never hit the man behind me: